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Our new show, the Amelia and Adinah Show, has been released!

How can we describe our hosts for this show? Are they hosts? Actors? Singers? Dancers? Models? Journalists? Or designers? 

The answer? All of the above. 

In their new show, these two young ladies connect with and interview individuals who deliver high-impact changes to their environments. These individuals include figures such as NBA Basketball Player Stephen Curry, Comedian Joey Guila, and Singer Jeremy Passion! 

Episodes release every Monday and Thursday. Don’t miss it! 

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Pistahan, an event that has played a large role in Filipino-American representation, commemorates the Filipino culture here in the Bay Area. In the past, it has drawn in 80,000-100,000 people annually. However, with the current pandemic, the fiesta is going to be held virtually for the first time in history. Will you be a part of it?

Content that shows humanity.

Today, news and media outlets emphasize the negative aspects of life – from countless deaths to unavoidable disasters, there is no end. 

Here at FANTV, we offer the complete opposite.

Our content focuses on the prides and joys of life! If you’re looking for shows that promote progress, a sense of family, and unity, then FANTV is for you.

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