FIL-AM Network TV

The first public Filipino-American TV Channel in the San Francisco, Bay Area, California.

Why the Fil-am Network Was Made

The history of Filipino-Americans is not limited to the United States or the Philippines. The history and background of Filipino-Americans can be found all over the world. We recognized that these people needed their thoughts and ideas to be represented through the media. 

The Fil-Am Network was made to do exactly that. 

We make sure previously unheard voices are heard. Each day, we represent the great diaspora that has risen. 

What We Do Now

From local community events to individuals who are aiming to create their own story, we make sure each moment is captured. 
We capture coverage and give a platform for these people who want to bring the world closer through their actions.

Some events we have covered

We’ve covered events such as ASAP coverage on former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, a private screening of the movie Hello Love Goodbye, and Filipino-American cultural fiesta Pistahan (shown respectively on the left). 

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be a part of our history.

Witness new events all over the world get posted right away. See what it’s like to be a Filipino today.